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Business Overview
The Revival “ Golden Country ZIPANGU ”
Primary “ Golden Country ZIPANGU ” (16〜18 century)
As has been written in The Oriental Memoirs of Marco Polo, it was once Japan's global supply land of gold and silver, called "Golden Country ZIPANGU". Especially Sado Gold Mine and Iwami Silver Mine in its representative case, over a period from the 16th to 18th century, it was both the world's largest gold mine and silver mine at that time. Sado Gold Mine founding 1601 to the 1989 about 400 years, continued to produce Gold as for supported the Edo shogunate of financial back ground. Also Iwami Silver Mine which is produced Silver, it has supported the widely silver standard from Asia through Europe.
Given that the money is generated by the volcano - seismic activity , it is estimated now at still Japan underground and those that are formed with a large amount of gold .
Second “ Golden Country ZIPANGU “ (21 century〜)
From Technology-oriented nation
to Resources nation
Japan is a potential resource-rich of the world national ranking No.9 which is the combined territory, territorial seas and the exclusive economic waters. Gold, Silver, Copper, Iron, Rare Metals, Rare Earth, Natural Gas and etc. is present in the underground and the seabed all around in Japan. The Golden Country ZIPANGU is never past glory, its now being gradually solved. Reason why mineral resources development in Japan was sluggish recently, in order to production costs did not meet the high profitability, was not because the resources were depleted. Currently, becomes the level of mineral resource prices fit the profit base, also improved the discovery and mining efficiency of a new vein by the progress of the exploration and beneficiation technology. Japan is ahead to walk steadily step by step to the second-order resources nation reminiscent of “The Golden Country ZIPANGU”.
Japan brand Gold mining group was born
JIZO Mine( Gold Mine Restoration Project )
In recent years, the seabed mineral resources has been attracting attention. However, in the land of mineral resources (mine) was depleted ?
Answer in “No”. In Japan, Gold could not be mined because there was no mining technology and exploration technology in the past, we are confident and many times the Gold mined in the past is present.
Currently, review redevelopment project of mine that had been mine closure in Japan around the country has begun, JIZO Mine is one of them.
JIZO Mine has passed already 110 years since the 1906 founding, but the actual mining period is slightly about 30 years. It been carried out only the development of less than 10% of the total Gold vein during 30 years operation.
The results of exploration since 2006 for the JIZO Mine that had been mine closure long time, we confirmed the presence of high-quality a lot of untapped gold veins there and we could take the mining rights to new acquisition in May 2013, the revival of JIZO mine was successful.
Made in Japan rare Gold mine revived in that moment and its 3rd case in Japan for full licensed Gold mine. There are many mines closure or dormant despite the hidden Gold veins like the JIZO mine. The JIZO mine resurgence as a benchmark, promising mine resurgence of the dormant state, we aims to revive the Golden Country ZIPANGU.
Suisho-sawa Mine and other domestic mines( New Gold Mine Development Project )
The restoration project of the dormant mines such as the JIZO mine, separately we are working aggressively to the new gold mine development project.
Suisho-sawa (Cristal River) mine is a new mining area that we applied for exploratory drilling rights recently. As in the name, the crystal (quartz veins) is the exposed many to the ground, it is a promising gold mining area where it can be seen easily, even from the ground surface to rich gold veins are present. The mining rights acquired during the 2017 fiscal year, we are promoting the prospect development. In Japan, still exists many untouched high-quality Gold veins such as a Suisho-sawa mine. We are actively developing aimed at resurgence of the Golden Country ZIPANGU.
Overseas Mine Development Project
We have been also developing overseas gold mine aggressively. Generally, overseas gold mines are in the developing countries, which were mostly in Africa and gold vein itself is also located in the danger zone, such as a harsh mountainous areas of natural environment or/and remote areas. The most of Japanese people can not be considered how overseas gold mine development business has the risk back-to-back. We have been taking such a risk and trying overseas gold mine development aggressively with the company policy of challenging spirit & frontier spirit.
We have already deployed a gold mine development project in the Republic of Ghana and Mongolia already, but more, further tie-up of the capital partnership or business participation for the gold mining companies or/and promising gold veins will be accepted at any time any where.
Business Strategy & Growth Engine
We, as the core of the JIZO mine, have formed a gold mine group by developing of domestic promising gold veins and the acquisition of leading mine in Japan and overseas. Trust serving as Japan brand "JIZO Mine" is armed with the 3 growth engine for the M&A (Mergers & Acquisitions), IPO (Initial Public Offering) and Holding Company System, we aim to international resources major.
M&A( Mergers & Acquisitions )
We consider the M&A as one of the most important cornerstone for growth strategy. There are many promising gold veins or/and gold mining companies in the world, but the development of the gold mine and the Import & Export of Gold has been multiplied by the strict laws and regulations in the local countries. We, comply with the local laws & regulations of the each countries, also a conduct code environmental protection, expand the global M & A without fear of risk.
IPO( Initial Public Offering )
For the mine development, we need huge funds. We will establish a holding company to bundle a group company with core the JIZO mine, then carried out the IPO at the AIM London market and make the necessary funding for mine development in direct financing market system.
Holding Company
Mine development business is a challenge to the risk.
We will established The JIZO Holdings as a holding company that bundles domestic & international gold mining companies group, and we will control to maximize the risk diversification. In a centralized & appropriate distribution of management resources, we aim to efficient gold mining group management.
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