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4th December, 2018
Mining field will be closed in winter until the end of April 2019.
9th May, 2018
Production of the King Midas's Digital Gold Coin prototype version (1 ounce / 24 gold) is completed. [Watch Video]
8th February, 2018
King Midas Digital Gold Coins(The 1 ounce 24 karat gold)has began production in limited 1000 coins. The sale of this coin is scheduled from July 1, 2018.
8th December, 2017
For the purpose of strengthening management capability, it has been changed the representative director of Jizo Mining Development Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Jizo Mining Co., Ltd., to Kiyokazu Oura on November 30, 2017. Along with above, the founder Mr. Shigeru Iwashi resigned as Representative Director and appointed to the Board of Directors & chairman.
4th December, 2017
Mining field will be closed in winter until the end of April 2018.
7th November, 2017
We conducted a geological survey of the surrounding mining areas by a major Australian mining consultancy and geological survey company [AMC CONSULTANTS].
1st October, 2017
Tokyo office was abolished.
25th April, 2017
During the Golden Week holidays are from May 3 to 7. Thank you.
29th January, 2017
We produced limited 300 JIZO memorial gold coins (1/3 oz., 24K).
5th December, 2016
The mine pit has been closed in the winter season until late April 2017.
24th June, 2016
JIZO Mining Development Co., Ltd. Has applied for a change operation plans.
16th May, 2016
JIZO Mining Development Co., Ltd. has started exploratory drilling rights application preparation of Suishozawa mining area.
20th April, 2016
For the purpose of business expansion, representative director is changed to Seiichi Oura.
3rd May, 2016
It has acquired “The Mining Rights Transfer Permission” from Shigeru Iwakuro to JIZO Mine Development Co., Ltd..
25th November, 2015
The aim of public offering to the UK AIM market, has opened the IPO preparation dept.
9th October, 2015
The head office location has been changed in Nagano Prefecture from Tokyo.
30th September, 2015
Company name has been changed to JIZO Mine Co., Ltd.
30th September, 2015
For the purpose of management streamlining, abolished the two representation system, it has been changed to one representative of Shigeru Iwakuro.
24th September, 2015
For the authorities, requested to transfer the Mining Rights to JIZO Mine Development Co., Ltd. from Shigeru Iwakuro.
3rd September, 2015
Was established JIZO Mine Development Co., Ltd.
30th November, 2014
2014 fiscal year, was 1,800 tons mining.
22nd October, 2014
Was established mineral dressing plant in Itoigawa, Niigata Pref.
30th September, 2014
It has obtained the permission of the operation plans regarding mining rights.
1st August, 2013
Determined the corporation for strengthen mine development as a purpose, JIZO Mine Development Co., Ltd. was established.
21st May, 2013
Mining Rights (Nagano Pref. Mining Rights Registration No. 477) has been acquired.
13th September, 2012
From Nagano Prefecture, has received an act authorization decision of landslide prevention area.
12th June, 2012
Shigeru Iwakuro to concentrate on Gold mining business has been featured on the Asahi Broadcasting Nagano.
17th March, 2009 〜 1st October, 2010
The Mines Land Use Rights contract was entered into with landowners (multiple names).
27th November, 2007
Shigeru Iwakuro obtained the exploratory drilling rights (gold, silver, copper ore).
June, 2005 〜
The company founder, Shigeru Iwakuro, visited Otani-village in Nagano-pref. and began the exploration survey.
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