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Mine Information
Mine Overview
Location Sugiyama, Kitaotaniato, Kotani-mura,
Kitaazumi-gun, Nagano-pref
(Halfway up the mountain, Elevation 800m )
Mining Rights Held Size 4,436 a (44,600 ㎡)
Mining Rights
   Registration Date
21st May, 2013
Mining Right
 Registration Number
Nagano-pref. Mining No.477
Permit Size for
   Operation Plan
90 a for 1st stage mining area
Estimated Content of
   Gold Average
30 ppm / ton
Ore other than Gold Silver, Copper, others
Annual Mining Period About 6-month
(Heavy snowfall aea in winter)
About The JIZO Mine
JIZO mine is open-pit gold mine located in Kotani village, Kitaazumi-gun, Nagano-Pref(foot hot spring Himekawa). The area is a famous place in Itoigawa-Shizuoka Tectonic Line, “Fossa Magna”, that bisects the east and west of Japan's crust, there is a point of the JIZO Mine, southeast direction 20km from the “Itoigawa station” of Hokuriku super express.
In 1941, Nagoya mining Co., Ltd. is initiated the open-pit mining there, and constructed Ropeway & Refinery the mountain slopes mining the ore of 500 tons per day in its peak, employees also became a bustling mine more than 100 people at that time. But then World War II intensified, became the mine closures with the end of the war. After the war, mining has resumed, however by February 1996, debris flow disaster occurred in Kotani-village (dead 14 people). JIZO Mine has been mine closures again.
Under such circumstances, it has made an exploration survey of JIZO Mine from about 10 years ago. As a result, it found to JIZO Mine as is still excellent GOLD mine. June 2013, we get the newly mining rights. Now JIZO Mine that is one of excellent running mine in Japan.
Kotani village, JIZO Mine is located in the central part of Honshu in Japan. Here is the most wide area of north-south width in the Japanese archipelago, consists of a long valley carved between high steep mountainous terrain and in height difference is about 500 meters terrain. The majority of the mining area has been covered with sediment but there is exposed to the granite in some places. In time Neogene-Miocene (about 25 million years ago), crustal movement of the time was intense, Fossa Magna (the Great Rift Valley) in the region, Itoigawa-Shizuoka Tectonic Line, was configured. The depth of the graben is about 3,000 meters. The volcanic activity in the center of the graben is fiercely, sedimentary rocks and lava & other volcanic rocks are accumulated, then current terrain was configured. These volcanic rocks serves as a Gold base of JIZO Mine have here deep and spread around the whole area.
Estimated Content of Gold Average about 30g / ton
It’s an excellent GOLD mine in the world
Mineral deposit scale of JIZO Mine, roughly the total length of about 400 meters and width of 100 meters, and the thickness of the deposit is approximately 30 meters. The amount of minerals, it is estimated that 1.2 million cubic meters (400m × 100m × 30m = 1.2 million cubic meters). The width of the vein may become wider or thinner, it may become thicker or thinner even for thickness. Grade are mixed together that there is good part & not part, that there is a fine vein of gold ore silicate-sulfide ore extends into the clumps together. While there is also a portion indicating the 2400ppm in the part of the highest quality, , there is also indicates the less 7ppm, samples (part in the clumps) of the part, amount or greater difference by the amount of Gold veinlets, which is in the Mineral deposit. A result of a number of analysis case, the quality of the average is 30ppm/ton.
Gold of JIZO Mine have been concentrated in vicinity of the black ore (black steel).
The black ore is the generic name appearance of black ore to be mined in the mine of the Sea of Japan side. Black ore, such as sulfides precipitated from hot water jetted into the seabed is considered to have originated, around the black ore have been known for Gold and or Silver concentrate.
Distribution diagram of
the black ore zone
Mine Gallery
Beneficiation Plants Gallery
New development mining area
Suisyo-sawa Mining area is a gold and minor metals mining area that we are developing preparation in Kitaakita city (Akita pref.) .
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