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Privacy Policy
JIZO Mine Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Company"), to protect the personal information of our customers, and at the same time there is an obligation on the laws and regulations, we believe that it is an important social responsibility. The Company, under the corporate philosophy of "to comply with the law with the high ethical standards", decided the following as personal information protection policy, respect the rights of customer’s personal information, and then protect it.

  1. Specific purpose
    It is limited as much as possible the use of personal information, except for the case to be an exception by law, to use to the extent necessary to achieve the purpose of use.

  2. Notification of using purpose, etc.
    When company receive personal information, except for the case to be an exception by law, promptly after receipt either publish the purpose of use in advance to notify or announced in person.

  3. The proper receipt of personal information
    The Company receive the personal information in a appropriate way only if necessary for the performance of the business.

  4. Ensure the accuracy
    The Company, when handling personal information, as far as necessary to achieve the purpose of use, strives to keep accurate and current content.

  5. Oversight of safety management to employees and contractors
    The Company take necessary and appropriate measures that management oversight of the employees and contractors for the purposes of safety management of personal information.

  6. Provide to third parties
    The Company, except for the case to be an exception by law, without the consent of the person in advance does not provide personal information to any third parties.

  7. Ongoing review of the provisions
    The Company has decided to internal rules on the protection of personal information, and strive to continuously improve the review of its contents.
15th May, 2016
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